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We are a creative digital agency working from Tipperary, Ireland. The work we do is focused on getting the results you need. We work with you to determine how your website or digital marketing can support your wider business goals and then put a clear plan in place to achieve these.

We build the most user friendly Websites with focus on ui/ux

Project Development

Web UI/UX Design

Mobile and Tablet Design

SEO Consulting

What We Do?

We are Purplebox Studios, a design and branding agency. We design beautiful websites that deliver tangible results.
The web is changing rapidly, so it is paramount that our development team maintain a passion for the digital world. All our developers work together to share discoveries of new technologies and techniques.

Best user UI/UX developed Websites
Focus on modern technology
Best UI practice to deliver results

Our Portfolio

We Create and Design Most Unique and Visualy Appearing and Functional UI/UX Websites

We take pride in what we do.

Our services are designed to help your business stand out and turn your ideas into digital realities.

Brand Identity

Search engine optimization (SEO)

Social Media


Mobile and Tablet Design

A long-term partnership

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Find out why you should have a website even if your business is small or just starting up. Read many articles from well documented cases, as well as opinions and options you can take to grow your business and potential make more money.

A client is your regular customer. They are buying your products or services daily or contractually. Having a website gives you a chance to gain more clients that can help your business grow.

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Feel free to contact us for any project idea or collaboration

Questions Our Customers Ask Before Buying

Go live time depends upon the kind of website you choose. Some of our entry level websites can be live in less than 5 days, while far more advanced sites take many months depending upon the project. Average custom designed websites take between 2-4 weeks to design and put live.

Remember, writing your content is usually the slow part of getting any website live. Make sure you factor in enough time for this. Rest assured though, our web development team work quickly and won’t hold you up. We live for deadlines, but we’ll make sure it gets done right, and without cutting corners!

Yes we design all of our websites to be smartphone and tablet friendly and to best practice with the latest 3-in-1 responsive design technologies. A completely responsive design gracefully switches the layout/design of the website to suit all device sizes and types.

Yes. We also include full system backups and monitoring. It’s all to allow us make sure your website works well and can be properly upgraded and supported. Moving across to us is a simple process with no downtime at all.

We’ve created a best of breed hosting platform for our clients that ensures your website is fast, reliable, secure and always online. It includes the latest in Microsoft server technologies, MS SQL Server databases, email accounts, a year of backups (nightly, monthly), 24/7 monitoring every 15 seconds, and even a free domain name. 

Our new customers normally just cancel their existing website, email and domain hosting packages and move across to us with no downtime or fuss. Some customers have internal email servers or use GMail, MS Office 365 etc. for email and that’s no problem at all. Domain names or email can be with any other provider you like. 

Absolutely, if you’d prefer to keep using your existing email or domain name service providers, that’s no problem – many clients have providers already like GMail, Microsoft Office 365 etc. 

We include a free .com domain name and DNS services with our packages to give you the convenience of a single provider, and to help us support you better. 

We bring you the latest in technologies, with the latest browser, HTML5 and CSS3 support, all built upon the latest in Microsoft.NET server software.

We future-proof your content management system by always keeping it up to date with new features, functionality and improvements as you go.

Of course, we’re reasonable folks with no catches or gotchas. You can take your website and host it elsewhere at any stage with another web hosting provider. But why would you want to because you’d miss our great aftercare, upgrades and warranty.